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Why is artificial intelligence important?

Publicerat klockan 11:57, den 10 september 2020

Some AI systems have been used for more than fifty years, but advances in computing power, the availability of important parts of data, and the emergence of new algorithms have led to major breakthroughs in AI in recent years.

Artificial intelligence is considered to be the core of the digital transformation of society, and it has become a precedent in the European Union.

It is expected that the future program will undergo huge changes, but AI already exists in our daily lives.

Different types of AI
Computer software: digital assistant, graphic survey computer software, search engine, voice and facial recognition system
"Embedded" artificial intelligence: robots, self-driving cars, drones, the Internet of Things
AI in daily life

Here are some AI-driven AI programs that you may not understand:

Search and advertise on the Internet

Synthetic intelligence is usually used to provide personalized recommendations to people, mainly based on, for example, their past searches and purchases or other online behaviors. Artificial intelligence is of great significance in business: optimizing goods, arranging inventory, logistics, etc.

Website query

The search engine learns from the large amounts of data entered by your people to provide appropriate search engine results.

Electronic personal assistant

The solutions provided by smart phones using AI happen to be targeted and personalized. Virtual assistants are becoming ubiquitous to answer questions, provide hints and support arrangements for daily work.

Equipment translation

Language translation programs rely on prepared or spoken text content, and it relies on artificial intelligence to provide and enhance translation. This also applies to functions such as automatic subtitles.

Smart homes, cities and infrastructure

A wise thermostat starts from our behavior and avoids wasting power, although the developers of smart towns hope to manage traffic to enhance connectivity and reduce website congestion.


Although self-driving cars are definitely not normal, the current cars use AI-driven protection functions. The European Union has assisted VI-DAS in funding automatic sensors to detect feasible dangerous dilemmas and unfortunate events.

Navigation is basically AI driven.

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